Snapbacks & Tattoos

Well, maybe not snapbacks. Not a fan of those… but hey, the song is catchy and the phrase makes an eye-catching title.

Cheesy, I know!

In all seriousness, let’s talk about ink. Currently, I have 6 pieces added to my collection and a million more planned out in my head. People are not kidding when they say tattoos are addicting.

When my mom and I decided to take the plunge and get our 1st pieces, I wanted it to be something super meaningful because I wanted it to be my only one.

And yes, you read that correctly. My mom and I got our 1st tattoos TOGETHER. She’s just that cool 🙂

Anywho… when I told people it was going to be my only piece, they told me I was crazy. They told me there was no way in hell that I would stop at one, but I was adamant that I wouldn’t be that person.

I was wrong! My collection grew to 4 within 1 year. Go ahead, call me a hypocrite who’s full of shit!

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I wanted my 1st piece to be meaningful … and it is. So are all of my other pieces so far.

What bothers me, however, is how people feel entitled to know what they mean. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll explain if asked by certain people (ie: family, close friends, maybe coworkers) … but it’s very awkward when a stranger demands to know why I have Tinkerbell on my forearm.

It’s totally fine to admire someone’s ink and to let them know that you do. It is also okay to ask if you may look closer at it or if you may see the entire piece if appropriate (as I have been asked when the feathers on my dreamcatcher peak through the short sleeve of a shirt)… it is NOT okay to just walk up to someone and ask “Why the heck do you have a Disney character?” with a judgemental look on your face. It is also NOT okay to walk up to someone and just touch their tattoo or grab their arm for a better look.

It’s just plain rude. Ever heard of boundaries?!

It is nobody’s business but your own why you chose your ink. It may be in memory of a loved one, something dear to your heart, a painful memory, a lesson learned, or something you got while drunk one night.

Whatever the reason, we should be respectful of each others privacy. I know, I know… if you don’t want people invading your bubble why did you get a tattoo? Why didn’t you put it somewhere constantly hidden by clothing? Why would you put it where it’s seen 24/7?


Period. End of story.


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