stranger danger

Well, typically I have lyrics or book quotes to use as an intro, but my mind is drawing a blank.

One thing that has become quite clear to me, and possibly quite obvious to my followers, is that I have fallen off the wagon here.

I started this blog with the intention of helping others see that it is okay NOT to be okay. Lately, however, I have been ignoring my own advice. I have wanted to write so many things here, but I am afraid that y’all will judge me.

Silly, isn’t it? Worrying about what complete strangers think of my problems.

Some of you may read my posts and think “wow, this chick needs serious help”… or “quit your whining”… maybe you think nothing of the sort.

Unfortunately, a lot of the people in my life still tell me these things. Some of my family members still feel that I over-exaggerate, that I’m a drama queen, or that I just need to suck it up and move on…

A few of my “friends” think this way too, so I apologize for assuming that any of you reading this have that mindset as well.

Food for thought, guys… don’t tell us to get over it. Hold our hand and help us get through it.




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Daily Prompt: Maybe


In my experience, when someone said “maybe” it ALWAYS meant “NO”.  As a result, I’ve come to find that I use “maybe” to avoid straight up saying “no”.

In some cases, and with some people, it is easy to say “no” without anybody getting upset or causing any problems. Other times, it is so much easier to use “maybe”… at the same time, I feel a little guilty knowing that I am giving someone false hope.

Its funny, though, how words like “possibly” and “probably” are synonyms to “maybe” but we don’t associate it with “no”. At least I don’t.

How do y’all interpret receiving maybe as a response?

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