Ogres are not like cakes


Shrek may feel more like an onion than a cake or parfait, but I sure don’t. I am definitely more like the parfait Donkey describes. You can see all of my layers at once, and there aren’t very many.

I am easy to dig into and rip to shreds.

Naturally, that makes me an easy target for pain and heartbreak. It makes me the expendable friend or acquaintance.

Maybe if I was as tough as a jawbreaker, I would be able to be more like the people who have walked out of my life. I will never be able to understand how others can dismiss another person so easily.

Oh, we’ve been friends for years? That’s nice, but I’m done with you. BYE!

No remorse. No pain. Not a care in the world.

Or is all of that wrapped up in a million layers?