Lost & Found

We lose ourselves in books, but we find ourselves there, too.

Let me first start off by apologizing for being MIA for a while… I have been having a difficult time gathering my thoughts together to write a post that isn’t all over the place.

Lately, I have found comfort in reading again. When things get too tough, I escape my reality in mystery or fantasy novels. When I’m ready to face my thoughts head on, I turn to my favorite author: Ellen Hopkins.

Although she writes works of fiction, her characters are extremely relatable. I have read every book Hopkins has written so far and have never made it through one of them without feeling a strong connection to one, or more, of the characters.

Her stories make me laugh, they make me cry, they give me hope and they give me strength. They help me remember that I’m not alone in my struggles. They pull me out of the darkest corners of my mind. They inspire me to take chances. They scare me out of making (certain) bad decisions…

Hopkins leaves no emotional stone left unturned. She dives head first into the deepest, darkest problems that many of us face and isn’t afraid to talk about them, which makes her books SO hard to put down. She makes me face those demons and I love her for it.

So if you’re ever looking to try out a new author, mosey on over to the teen fiction section and pick up one of her books. A fair warning, her writing style takes some getting used to (it’s written in poetic verse) but it is definitely worth it.




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  1. The best stories tell us things about ourselves and allow us to relate even when the specific circumstances are vastly different. Have I ever fought in a space battle or tried to woo an elven princess? No, but the characters and stories that helped me through tough times held enough for me to identify with. Escape in fiction can be a beautiful thing when done well, I’m glad you are able to find it as well.


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