kids these days.

Not to sound rude or anything… but what is wrong with kids these days?! Most of the children who come into my workplace are terrible little monsters. Don’t get me wrong, we all had our phases where we were awful, but some of these kids are off the hook.

Typically, I am very patient with very small children, but it really ticks me off when older kids act ridiculous. If you are old enough to know better, then be respectful!

Honestly, when did it become acceptable to run in a library? Since when is it okay to push another kid around, throw things across the room, or to talk/laugh so loudly that staff can hear you before you even walk thru the front door?

Where did this sense of entitlement come from? When I have to scold an 8 year old for using foul language, it makes me worry for future generations. Fingers get pointed in all directions when it comes to topics of this nature because we just want to pin the blame on someone.

Instead of assigning blame, we should take a step back and figure out how we can fix the problem. Sure, if your kid says “oh, I learned these cuss words from my friend Sam” or “I behave this way because Mary gets away with it” your first reaction would probably be to keep your kid away from Sam and Mary.

Will that really fix the problem though? I sure know that when I was told to stop speaking to someone or not to hang out with a certain friend, I only wanted to do it more. I found ways around my restrictions, which is just another form of bad behavior.

It seriously just feels like a continuous circle of nonsense.

Until next time!




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